The following questions were asked of Frank Viola regarding his new book “From Eternity to Here”:

Since the church is a result of the mission of God and not the other way around, why did you choose to write PAGAN CHRISTIANITY and REIMAGINING CHURCH before FROM ETERNITY TO HERE?

One reason is because deconstruction should precede construction. If a building has a faulty foundation, it must be torn down first. Then a new one built in its place. Pagan Christianity deconstructs. Reimagining Church constructs. Then From Eternity presents the big, sweeping epic picture explaining why the church is so important to God in the first place. And how He views it. How He views us. Getting behind His eyes is life-changing.

Do you think that FROM ETERNITY TO HERE gives more clarity to PAGAN CHRISTIANITY and REIMAGINING CHURCH? And if so, would you recommend that readers revisit your earlier works after reading FROM ETERNITY TO HERE? 

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I’ve received numerous letters from people who didn’t know what to think about Pagan Christianity (after reading it) or who were deathly afraid to read it (based on ominous warnings from people). Then, after reading From Eternity, they said Pagan Christianity made sense to them. It gave them a larger context to fit it into and to understand the spirit in which it was written. Incidentally, I’ve explained on my blog recently how all my books work together.



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